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By Cornerstone Christian School on September 01, 2020

Fine Arts at Cornerstone Christian School

We provide the opportunity for students to develop God's many gifts to us, including the fine arts. 


In the art classes at The Cornerstone Christian School, the students will learn about different art movements, techniques and mediums and will be given the ability to create their own masterpieces. I love teaching Art most importantly because the first people on record to have the infilling of the Holy Spirit were artisans and craftsmen who were to work on the Tabernacle in Exodus. With Christ’s anointing touch, we can create art that glorifies Him and shines light into a dark world.

— Jane Loftus, Former CCS Art Teacher


  • Pre-K  students receive general music instruction once a week.
  • Grades 1 and 2 students receive general music instruction twice a week.
  • Grade 3 students take recorder lessons once a week and choral instruction once a week.
  • Grades 4 and 5 students participate in band instruction twice a week and choral instruction once a week.
  • Middle school students may choose to take band instruction or choral instruction twice a week. 
  • High school students may choose band and/or chorus as an elective; each meets two days a week.
We love the annual concerts. The Christmas concert, especially, always touches us and we feel so blessed. It reaffirms for us that it is worth the sacrifice to have our child enrolled in Christian education where God is the center in all areas of the curriculum.

— CCS Parent, from an Anonymous Parent Survey

fine+arts-1Photo by Ed Main


A drama class is made available, when sufficient interest exists, to high school students to help meet their fine arts elective requirement. Opportunities to participate in after school drama programs arise throughout the year.


2014 After School Drama Club Production


  • Grades 1-5 students have an art class once a week.
  • High school students may take Art as an elective two days a week.



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