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By Cornerstone Christian School on August 24, 2020

Foundations and Frameworks (F&F)


Cornerstone has chosen to use the Foundations and Frameworks (F&F) reading program for students in Grades 3-8. This reading program is based upon research in the fields of reading, critical thinking and neuroscience.  You can read more about the development and history of this program at Briarwood Christian School.

Foundations & Frameworks is built upon the following foundational concepts:

  • Teaching children to read is a serious responsibility.
  • Reading is developmental and therefore requires tailored instruction.
  • Independent comprehension is the goal of reading instruction.
  • Reading comprehension is complex; it must be taught.
  • Reading and writing share some common processes; development in one positively impacts the other.

Briarwood highlights the positive outcomes of the F&F program as reported by participating schools in over 20 states. "Advancing reading success, enhancing vocabulary usage, developing thinking skills, and engaged learning define the impact of successful implementation of Foundations and Frameworks" (Examples of Fruit Through Foundations and Frameworks, by Briarwood Christian School).

  • Each teacher is equipped to promote effective student success in an engaged learning environment.
  • Students become readers and enjoy reading!
  • Foundations and Frameworks engages each child at his or her reading level and promotes active learning.
  • The assessment process enables each teacher to gain keen understanding of each student's reading strengths and weaknesses.
  • Students acquire thinking skills as they learn to assess and evaluate what they read.
  • The process cultivates respect among children as they work cooperatively in small groups.
  • The program has raised learning, understanding, and excellence.
  • Parents recognize and value the quality of the program and they usually observe growth in their child's thinking abilities and their vocabulary usage. 
I have seen the huge benefit of doing this program with my middle schoolers this year! This program (F&F) causes the students to interact with their reading text in a real, meaningful way, which adds to their overall understanding of each book. In addition, they are organizing and writing each day, which improves their writing skills. I have seen great growth in this area for my students.

— Dawn Snellenberger, Assistant Administrator

Published by Cornerstone Christian School August 24, 2020
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